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Have you tried the Fad Detox?

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again - detox is the new sexy word.

People get all fired up when they hear it. But why?

Detox makes you assume you’re going to do something extraordinary for your body extraordinarily quickly - sounds ideal right?

Detox juices often require the extreme diet of just consuming juice for a few days and voilà, your body has been reset to factory settings, brand spanking new!

Sadly, we know this simply isn’t the case.

That’s why small shifts towards wellness is our motto.

We believe in the fad detox - cleansing our lives of the buzzwords and quick-fixes that promise exaggerated benefits but many times wind up being dangerous to our health and well-being. We don’t believe in extremes, like detox cleanses or diets that require a totally new lifestyle. Instead we think making small changes like the soaps we use, or the water we drink can add up to a healthier lifestyle.

Here are a few of the shifts we’ve made:

  • High quality water purifier 

  • All natural cleaning products (like our laundry detergent)

  • Diffusing essential oils instead of air fresheners 

  • All natural beauty products (no surprise there!)

  • All glass water bottles (even BPA free plastics are filled with chemicals)

Instead of going to the extreme with a detox fads we believe it's better to help our bodies, our minds and our souls achieve balance. Want to hear more about detox done right?

Check out our IG for more tips on detox baths with Epsom salts, essential oils, ACV and our soaps! 

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