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Let’s Marie Kondo Your Bathroom

Hello again friends!

Here’s a little something you should know about me. I love the minimalist mentality. I get true pleasure from organizing and cleaning, and I especially love throwing things away. I may have already lost some of you, but others may be saying “FINALLY, someone who gets me”!

As soon as I heard about the KonMari method that was taking over Netflix, social media, and presumably the world I had to get my hands on both of her books. I quickly read through them finding quotes, chapters and ideas that resonated with me. If you’re interested in the KonMari method but don’t think you’ll pick up the book anytime soon let me summarize for you:

Hold every single one of your possessions. If it brings you joy it stays. If it doesn’t it goes.

Marie talks about everything from bank statements, to mementos, clothing and books. But what if we applied this same mentality to our personal care and beauty products - Essential Soap Maker style?!

If you picked up each of the products in your bathroom and looked at them waiting for them to bring you joy, but noticed the harmful chemicals on the label would the joy start to fade? Diminish? Disappear? We think so.

We challenge you to go ahead and open that cabinet and take an honest look at what’s inside.

Read the label.

Can you pronounce the ingredients?

If you can pronounce them do you know what they are? And how they effect your health?

Want to hear about which of our other beauty and self care products truly brought us joy ?

Head over to our Instagram to see!

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