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My skin is crawling

What are your pet peeves?

Personally, I’m not disgusted when someone chews with their mouth open. I’m not angry when someone arrives a few minutes late to meet me, but there are a few things I hate.

Here are my top two!

Fragrance. What the F is “fragrance”? Chemicals? Formulated in a lab? It’s funny how if skincare companies want something to smell like orange they whip up a concoction of chemicals (that no one can pronounce) that mimic the smell of orange.

They may smell nice, but they do nothing for our skin. 

Dye. Going with our orange theme, when said company is making their product they use colored dyes to ensure that their product has a color that mimics the real thing.

Dyes also do nothing for our skin.

You see, I love a fragrant soap, and I love a colorful soap, but Essential Soap Maker soaps have the real stuff. Real orange rind for color and real orange essential oil for scent. Both will satisfy your craving for a great smelling and great looking bar, but the way we get there is actually beneficial for your skin and your overall health.

Did my mention of orange soap get you in the mood for some bright citrusy soap? Take a look at the Orange Bar! Or the Lemon Bar if you’re ready to pucker!


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