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Spring Into Spring

Spring officially starts on March 20th, but if you ask me spring starts as soon as it’s sunny and over 50 degrees. I welcome the start of each new season and feel thankful to live somewhere that each new season brings new energy and new surroundings.

Spring is symbolic for so many reasons. For one, we’ve all heard of spring cleaning and how the warmer breeze encourages us to air the house out by opening the windows and to clean and organize the things we neglected all winter. The spring always marks the “greenest” time of year - a time of new growth from flowers and plants. The world is in bloom.

As we transform our homes, and watch the outside world around us transform too we are thinking about how the spring chances US.

Although we try to live our healthiest lives inside all winter, with all natural products, healthy eating and indoor workouts we know the spring will bring new wellness to our lives and here’s what we’re most excited for!

* Gardening :We always plant vegetables but this year we’re adding blackberries and raspberries into the mix. Growing some of our own food takes eating healthy to a new high and we believe it teaches our son responsibility to water it and tend to it every day.

* Walking : We love our indoor tennis, yoga and HIIT workouts but there’s nothing like long walks outside. Nothing can beat the vitamin d from the sun and the fresh air!

* Mood Boost : As our days are longer and sunnier we are thoughtful in our appreciation for the mood boosting benefits of the increased sunlight. The new life ( birds returning, flowers blooming, grass is green again!) reminds us that we too can start again.

* New Soap Products : GUESS WHAT! We’re planning to create new soaps with organic lavender we grow ourselves!

We challenge you to take a few minutes to set your intention for the spring season!

Let us know what you’re most excited for this spring season on Instagram! @essentialsoapmaker

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