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We Do “All The Things”

What does self care look like for you? My road to true self care has been a long one and is ever changing.

At my peak of need for self care I decided to do “all the things."

I basically did a “copy and paste” of all of the internet’s ideas into my life. What ended up happening however was that instead of feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and cared for, I felt that my self care schedule was overwhelming and unsuccessful. Because my heart wasn’t in what I was doing, what should have been relaxing felt like another task I had to check off a list. That was when I realized self care looks different for us all and the two key components to self care are the following:

1. Find something you love.

If you hate yoga it’s not your self care. If you hate journaling that’s not your self care either. Self care activities aren’t one size fits all and what melts the tension away from one person might have no effect on another. Try every idea you come across until you find what slows your heart rate and gives you the feeling that you’re doing something special for yourself.

2. Work to get your heart into it.

Even the warmest and bubblyist bath (with our soap of course!) won’t be relaxing unless you can quiet your mind. When your engaging in your self care activity make every effort to be present and mindful - it takes a significant amount of work, I know. You’ll know you’re doing it right when 20 minutes of doing your self care activity leaves you feeling as if you just took a delicious nap!

Last but not least here are a few self care habits that suck for me. Remember, these work for me for now, but in another season of life they may change completely!

  • A cup of warm tea when I find a moment to myself. Chamomile Mint is my current pick!

  • Reading for enjoyment - currently Marie Kondo and Gabby Bernstein!

  • A new robe and pjs - there’s nothing like feeling warm and comfortable!

  • Foam rolling and leaving my legs up the wall. These easy stretches and poses are what’s feeling best these days.

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