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What's Love Got To Do With It ?

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

With soap that is.

Essential Soap Maker is a family business and I'd like to share my perspective as a husband and father.

Love drives my decision-making.

Honey are you cold ? Take my coat !

You like Dad's sandwich ? Its yours :)

My family is everything to me and I would do anything for them.

Anything but take care of myself apparently.

For my entire adult life I've used the cheapest soap I could find. I would march up and down the soap aisle (is that what it's called ?) in the supermarket, scanning the prices of every soap box, phone in hand so I can calculate the lowest per bar price until I found the winner.

When I got married this habit of mine only got worse.

I am not cheap, far from it, I will do anything, spend anything to take care of my family or to bring them joy. I just always thought that by selecting the cheapest soap for me I was doing the financially responsible thing because 1. its only soap and 2. I am a guy so why not save money - I couldn't care less what I shower with !

Well it took some time but I eventually realized that I should care. And as usual, it was my wife who helped open my eyes.

I'm a lucky fella. My wife loves me, my son loves me, my 3 bulldogs love me (most of the time). I've got a lot to live for and just like it matters what I put in my body it matters what I put on my body.

Guys don't all think alike so I am sure that many men out there understand that artificial and harsh chemicals are not worth the cost savings - it took me a while but I get that now.

I want to live long enough to grow old with my wife and play with my son's kids. Those goals are more than enough to shift my thinking and my behaviors.

Now when it comes to the soap I use love's got everything to do with it.


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