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Updated: Feb 13, 2019

Welcome! I am so glad you found us! Chances are you were searching for all natural skin care products or chemical free beauty products when you found us, but why you were looking for a product like ours is what matters most to me.

You see, I discovered my own knack for soap making when I decided that I wanted to further my fertility journey.

Did you know that most of the topical products we use - nail polish, soap, shampoo, lotion - all contain harmful chemicals? I did, but years ago, I didn’t care at all! They make us look gorgeous darling.

But then I got older, and smarter, and on a fertility journey. You see, month after month, I wasn’t pregnant. And I desperately wanted to be. I’ve come to learn that the magic and miracle of conceiving a child is something I have very little control over, but I do have control over a lot. The products I use in my home can help or hinder my efforts and fertility treatments. If the products I am using disrupt my hormones I’m certainly not closer to those sleepless nights and dirty diapers. So I invented my soaps, for me, my husband, the toddler we already have, and you.

So what journey are you on? Are you also working through your fertility journey? Or are you looking for ways to prevent cancer and disease by avoiding harmful chemicals? Are you a health conscious eater who’s now also interested in switching over the products you use on yourself and in your home? Or are you simply looking for some new beauty products (no worries, we’re not judging, we want to look good too) .

We’re so so happy you’re here and we’re ready to help you find the soap that’s right for you. Most of all, we want to hear about your journey and support you on it too.

Does better fertility resonate with you? Get started by checking out our Ylang Ylang Bar. It’s known for its fertility benefits!

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